Paw Buddy

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Paw Buddy For When Your Dog Gets Muddy!

 A MUST-HAVE Product for anybody that has pets and loves the outdoors.

The awesome Paw Buddy is highly convenient, durable and efficient product that is able to clean all the dirt on paws. 

With its durable plastic comb and powerful brush with gentle bristles it picks out the chunks of mud and grime of your pet's paws and cleans EVERYTHING OFF!

The best part is – it all happens in less than a minute!

Why buy yours?

  • Minutes to clean the most stubborn dirt build-up
  • Convenient & uses less than 300ml of water
  • Less time cleaning, more time playing!
  • Perfect for Puppies

Suitable and recommended for all dogs.



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Bailey Banks
Like it, Love it, Gotta have it !

Very convenient for paw maintenance especially after walks, outside adventures, or infections. I fill it up with warm water and a little bit of vets best spray when needed and it works wonderfully. One thing I would add to product is water coming out of both ends..water only comes out of soft brush side.

Zipp Shelley
Just received

I just received it today so haven’t had a chance to use it.

Diana Herencia
Paw biddy save the day!

I’m glad I found paw buddy to save these raining days in USA, I don’t have to wash my pup’s paws every time after a walk , a little brush and water to removed the dirt with paw buddy is a lifesaver

Allison Hayter
Great item

This is amazing and so easy to use. No more getting the cold hose on her paws. Customer service is excellent as my first one turned up broken. Just an email and photo of the Paw Buddy item and a replacement was sent straight away. Would highly recommend 😊

Paula Hughes
10/10 - Highly Recommend

The brush is nice and soft, has a hand comb on the other side for tangles etc. Easy to use, easy to fill & gentle on the delicate paws. Enough water to do a quick clean on all 3 dogs or a more thorough clean on 2. Good size for slotting in your car seat back pocket easily and doesn’t leak.
Really pleased with it, would definitely recommend it & really love how soft the bristles are. A* from pack Hughes