Our Story...

By the founders of Boot Buddy (as featured on Dragons Den), Paw Buddy is a must have pet cleaning product.


The Paw Buddy is the new way to clean off your muddy furry friend. Forget having to hose down your dog or having to wrestle them in the bath tub... Our new device lets you clean off your dog's muddy paws using only 300ml of water. As well as saving you water, it saves you time.

Get your muddy dog looking clean and mud free in less than 5 minutes. The Paw Buddy is portable and easy to carry! Clean your furry pal before you get in the car, house or any place where mud is not welcome. However long or messy your walk maybe, as long as there is mud involved, the Paw Buddy is the solution to your muddy problem. The Paw Buddy can be used by the whole family, from child to parent. Convenient, portable and simple to use. The only Doggy cleaning device you'll ever need!


The Paw Buddy product was inspired by our very loyal dog walking customers that have used the Boot Buddy previously. We Began receiving a lot of great feedback and questions if it can be used on dog’s paws or weather we will be creating a dog friendly product.

It was then after this with no further deliberation and as huge dog lovers, the team decided to go ahead with the Paw Buddy concept that had been in the pipelines for a very long time. In house we have been lucky enough to have 3 amazing dogs a long side us to also inspire us to create a universal dog cleaning tool that can be used on any breed of dog.

Our big Bullmastiff, amazing Akita and playful Pomeranian fury trio, allowed us to create a Paw Buddy that was suitable for all their needs. We had to design something that was sturdy and tough to be used on strong larger breeds such as the Bullmastiff.

It also needed to be delicate and easy to handle for the much smaller and sometimes fussier breeds such our little Pom. Finally we wanted the combe to be as universal as possible, for the Akita it needed to take out any loose hair and dirt stuck in the fur but also on our Bullmastiff it doubled up as a massage comb.